Sketchbook Cats: Wyatt

Sketchbook Cats: Wyatt

1 May ’13 11:08 pm 2 comments

Drawing of Wyatt the cat

Meet Wyatt, this week’s featured Sketchbook Cat.

Wyatt was found wandering the streets of Oakland after his caretaker passed away. Thanks to the kind folks at Cat Town, he’s in a loving foster home, but he’s still awaiting his forever family. Though Wyatt was a little shy when he was in the shelter, once he was placed with his foster family, his snuggly, gentle, and mellow personality blossomed.

Love is Positive: Adopt an FIV Positive CatWyatt is relaxed and welcoming around other pets. He’s neutered, and current on all of his shots. He has also tested positive for FIV — but don’t let this deter you from opening your heart to this extra-special, charming fellow.

With a high quality diet, regular vet checkups, and a low-stress, indoor environment, FIV+ cats can enjoy long, healthy lives.  Some FIV+ cats never show symptoms at all. FIV can’t be passed to humans, and is transmitted from cat to cat only through deep, serious bite wounds, or from mother cat to kitten. It can’t be spread in casual cat interactions, so no need to fear day-to-day kitty cuddling, bowl sharing, or playing.

Thanks to Maddie’s Fund, Wyatt’s adoption fee is waived, and Cat Town covers his vet bills for life. All that’s missing is you!

To learn more about Wyatt, check out his adoption posting, or contact Cat Town.

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