Sketchbook Cats: Dynamo!

Sketchbook Cats: Dynamo!

12 Apr ’13 11:54 pm 6 comments

The Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival is approaching, which is like something out of my wildest dreams. Imagine it: a whole afternoon/evening devoted to cats, cat adoption, feline-themed music, and, of course, internet cat videos. This is just wonderful.

I’m especially happy to learn that much of the festival centers around educating folks about cat adoption and fostering: two issues near and dear to my heart, thanks to my darling teenage cat Orangina, who came into my life many years ago as a very ill, very scared foster kitten. She has since blossomed into the sweetest cat I’ve ever known.

In honor of the festival (and cats in general), I’ve been sketching some of the wonderful cats available for adoption through Cat Town and the East Bay SPCA. This week, I was drawn to the story of Dynamo!, a gentle elder cat who is blind in both eyes. According to Cat Town’s Facebook page, Dynamo! (exclamation point included!) is a loving, mellow, easy-going cat who has seen some very hard times: he arrived at the shelter undernourished, with matted fur that had to be shaved off in places.  I was so charmed by his sweet expression and trusting nature in this video. I wanted to draw Dynamo! surrounded the vibrant motion and sensations springtime brings.


Unfortunately, I’m limited to one cat, but if you’re interested in possibly being Dynamo’s forever family, here’s how to get in touch with Cat Town. And in case you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to adopt a blind cat, here are a few tips and suggestions adapted from Our Happy Cats: Living with Blind Cats and Blind Cat Rescue:

  • Blind cats can get around just as easily as sighted cats can. Their whiskers and acute sense of smell help them navigate.
  • To make your home more “blind cat friendly,” keep your kitty’s food, water, and litter in the same spots, and avoid moving furniture around.
  • Sound is the magic ingredient for playtime with your blind cat. Choose toys that crinkle, snap, or rattle to pique your cat’s sharp sense of hearing.
  • When approaching your blind kitty, make a sound so she knows you’re near. This will help her feel less startled or frightened.

Towards a kind home for Dynamo! and all dear creatures who need one!


  • I’ve just learned that things didn’t work out as well as we would have hoped for Dynamo! in his new home. He had challenges navigating his environment, and his caregiver wasn’t able to give him the support he needed, even though she loved Dynamo! very much. If you can give sweet Dynamo! a loving and easy-to-navigate home, please email

  • Christina Corodimas

    Love, love, love! You are such a kind, beautiful person. Miss you!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, dear Christina. I thought of you and your sweet cat friends as I was working on this sketch. I hope to see you this summer and catch up!

  • Devon

    Hi Erica,

    I’ve adopted Dynamo! Your sketch is lovely, Thank you! He is an easy,
    sweet guy to get along with, we are still bonding.

    Thanks again for the lovely sketch.


  • I’ve just learned that Dynamo! was adopted this weekend by a kindhearted person. Go Cat Town!

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